The concept of outsourcing back office functions to an independent entity has already gained popularity. External service providers support a broad spectrum of non-strategic repetitive functions thereby releasing managerial time for core activities. Outsourcing of functions to a skilled workforce is not only service friendly, cost effective and process efficient, it also enables internal resources to focus on achieving business objectives. The service provider has an integral role in maintaining the efficiency of outsourced facilities and meeting the needs of the operating units they support.


● Accounting
● Payroll
● Secretarial
● Recruitment of finance and Audit Professionals
● Receivables Monitoring
● Fixed Assets / Inventory Verification


This provide a simple network of low cost, flexible and well-coordinated processes for increased efficiency and improved controls. Well-defined and documented process-flows are laid down in order to standardize functional deliverables and benchmarks. Both upstream and downstream information requirements and schedules are set. Skilled resources are deployed to meet quality standards. As standardized processes lend themselves to measurement, clients are free to run their data integrity and quality assurance checks.


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